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Need Help 65Thousands of Australians are in treatment right now. Treatment works. More Australians than ever before are getting treatment for drug and alcohol problems. If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol or drugs problems, without doubt the key is to seek help and tackle the problem. View our Getting Help page
Nation Drugs Campain 65
The National Drugs Campaign aims to reduce the uptake of ecstasy and other illicit drugs among young Australians by raising awareness of the harms associated with drug use and encouraging and supporting decisions not to use. Visit the National Drugs Campaign website
MyQuitBuddyThe My QuitBuddy app is the pocket-sized personal coach to help you get, and stay, smoke free. My QuitBuddy is free to download on iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

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The Other TalkThe Other Talk is about Australian families talking openly about alcohol and other drugs. It’s an initial conversation and an ongoing understanding that when it comes to alcohol and other drugs, no question is too silly and no topic is off limits. Visit The Other Talk website
NIDAC Conference 40
What Works: Doing it our way. NIDAC 2014 highlighted approaches that reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs and its associated harms among Indigenous Australians.  Conference resolutions, photos and more are available on the NIDAC website.
Details of the 2016 conference will be released closer to the time.

Of Substance Magazine

Of Substance covers the latest Australian and international news and research on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. It is essential reading for organisations and individuals who provide services to those affected by substance use.  OF Substance Free Subscription

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